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Meet Michele

The day I first went to Morocco, ten years ago, I had no idea that the trip would literally change my life. But it did in the most amazing and unexpected way.


I was a tourist in a group venturing through a country I hardly knew and in a city that I’d only read about. I quickly learned it’s one thing to have seen photos of Marrakech and quite another to wander through the winding, dusty rose-colored narrow streets filled with vibrant colors, intricate textures, exotic spices, and a bohemian vibe that captivated me, unlike any other place I’d ever been to.


I met the warmest and most welcoming people—people who know and appreciate that they live in what has been called one of the most beautiful and magical cities in the world. It was on this first trip that my soul felt truly alive and happy.

Year after year I returned to Marrakech, many times on my own, until I realized I must share this intoxicating journey with others.


I must share my passion and love for this city because I know its magic will captivate and inspire you too!

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