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“Michele curated an incredible Moroccan experience that I still haven't stopped talking about. It was a trip of a lifetime! The week was a perfect mix of excursions and adventure, alongside relaxation and downtime. To have everything taken care of, from meals to transportation to daily outings and fun experiences, was such a gift. I felt like I could truly be present and enjoy every moment, as Michele had already planned what was next. I loved the mix of riads that we stayed in, and honestly can't pick a favorite adventure; riding a camel in the Agafay desert, shopping the souks, seeing the city via sidecars, experiencing a hammam, tasting numerous tagine dishes, relaxing by the pool, it was all delightful. If you're wondering if you should go, do it! It's a trip you won't regret!”

~ Becky Drayton, Insider Trip Guest 2023

“I loved traveling in Marrakech. Every day, Michele introduced us to its rich culture filled with lovely people, delicious food, breathtaking color, architecture, and history. Truly an inspiring experience! I will carry it with me for a very long time.”

~ Kristen Hullinger, Insider Trip Guest 2023


“I am so glad I said ‘yes’ when my amazing friend asked me to go to Marrakech through Michele and Wanderlust Marrakech. Michele takes care of all the scheduling from the moment you land at the airport until it's time to circle back home. The carefully chosen accommodations and their staff were exceptional. The food was divine. I thoroughly enjoyed all the activities Michele planned for us on a daily basis. Every activity awakened my heart and soul in different ways allowing me to learn more about myself, my friends, and the dear people of Marrakech. I love Marrakech! Thank you, Michele, for a lovely excursion!”

~ Kelly Flannery, Insider Trip Guest 2023

“I admit that when first presented with the idea of a trip to Marrakech, I had some reservations. But I’m so glad I didn’t give in to them! This amazing adventure enlivened the senses; the bold colors of goods in the Medina, the melodic sounds of the call to prayer, the food was so fresh, aromatic, and delicious, and lastly, the people were warm, welcoming, and eager to share their culture with us. Michele curated a wonderful itinerary.”  

~ Ellen DeMasi, Insider Trip Guest 2023


“Michele truly has a wanderlust for Marrakech, sharing her insider, local knowledge from years of discovery. This upscale experience is magical, creating rich, lasting memories.”

~ Paula Cuisinier, Insider Trip Guest 2023

Truly Safe

“As much as I love to travel and try to visit at least two countries a year, Morocco was not on my list because I didn’t know enough about it, and I had safety concerns. I joined because a friend of mine signed up. I was pleasantly surprised at how safe I felt in Marrakech, and I plan to go back soon to explore more of the city and culture. This trip was very well organized, with a variety of different activities and the right amount of exposure to the culture. Michele is very knowledgeable about Marrakech, which allowed her to really tailor her trip to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience for her group. If Morocco is a place you want to explore and have safety concerns, as I did, I highly recommend this trip. I usually plan and organize my own vacations, and this trip was right on par with what I would have wanted. I wouldn't change anything.”

~ Ami Patel, Insider Trip Guest 2023


“This trip was more than I could have ever imagined. It was as if we walked into a movie set; it was so exotic and surreal that it almost didn’t feel real. Incredible adventures! Michele handled every detail to make it truly memorable.”

~ Melissa Goldstein, Insider Trip Guest 2022


“My trip to Marrakech will definitely be a trip I will never forget. I had no idea what to expect and was thoroughly impressed. Michele put together a wonderful itinerary. I saw and experienced a culture so different from what I would have imagined. The food and the places we visited were so amazing. I highly recommend touring with Michele if Marrakech is on your ‘bucket list’!”

~ Sophia Vazac, Insider Trip Guest 2022


“Michele’s trip to Marrakech was the perfect combination of fun and culture for my daughter and me. The hammam spa day, the high tea, and the sidecar tour were our favorite parts of the trip. Wait, the camel ride was also pretty amazing! The whole trip was well organized, and Michele's careful planning made for a relaxing and unforgettable experience. By the end of the week, the entire group had forged lifelong friendships. Looking forward to joining another tour.”

~ JoMarie Negron, Insider Trip Guest 2022



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